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If you live in our watershed, ask yourself these questions.  Did you even know you were moving into a watershed?  Did you realize that through the years you have carefully preserved this special place?  It is time to learn about and share La Barque Creek Watershed.


What makes the La Barque Creek Watershed so special?  La Barque Creek Watershed covers an area of approximately 13 square miles of wooded hills and valleys all of which drain into La Barque Creek.  Due to the minimal amount of development in the area, it has flourished untouched into a haven of plant and wildlife seen in very few areas in the state. 89% of the watershed is covered with deciduous forest and 51 species of fish reside in the six miles of the waters of La Barque.  Only a few miles from heavily populated areas but, with little or no development , it remains such a treasured environment that several conservation organizations have taken interest in the preservation of the watershed.  The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC)  designated the watershed as a “Conservation Opportunity Area” opening doors for beneficial  support, several Partnerships and grants.

La Barque Creek Watershed COA

What is a watershed? A watershed is an area of land where runoff from precipitation ultimately drains into a particular steam, river, wetland, or other body of water which gives the watershed its name. In this case, we are discussing the La Barque Creek Watershed, which is part of the greater Meramec River Watershed. This becomes the sustenance of plants, animal life, commerce and recreation in the region.

Photo by Mark Karpinski

La Barque Creek Watershed Photo Gallery

Photo by Mark Karpinski

Map of La Barque Creek Watershed