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Vision Statement

In 2025, healthy forests and glades blanket the hillsides, diverse native plants and wildlife thrive, clear  streams spill over rock formations and flow through valleys, and countless bright stars touch the horizon at night over the homes nestled in the natural contours of the watershed.

Welcome to La Barque Creek, Missouri.  Friend’s board member, Ron Nuetzel took this geographical designation on and he made it look easy. If you want to see how he proceeded to get the job done, check out Naming a Geographic Place in Missouri.

La Barque Creek Watershed has come a long way in the past few years, we have a new name, we have a Watershed Plan. We have goals to assist the watershed community in preserving the presently  protected land, acquiring more property and educating the present and future residents of this spectacular natural area.   

A beautiful fall day to collect seeds for the La Barque Native Plant Grant

After the spreading of native plant seeds, a Riparian Corridor Rehabilitation sign was unveiled by the members of the Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed

Photo by Mark Karpinski