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Missouri Department of Conservation

The Open Space Council STL

The Stream Team Association

East West Gateway of Government Councils

The Ozark Regional Land Trust

Shaw Nature Reserve

The College School

Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation

Conservation Federation of Missouri

Missouri Dept of Natural Resources

Official Website for the Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed


State Agencies

Missouri Department of Conservation – Private Land Services Division

Private Land Conservationists provide information, training, advice, technical & financial assistance to private landowners for sound land management. Landowners can obtain assistance for agriculture practices, forest management, pond creation/restoration, stream stabilization, fish habitat enhancement, wildlife habitat & damage control, & restoration of native communities like wetlands, prairies, glades & savannahs. Community Conservation Planners work with local governments, citizen groups & developers to promote & support comprehensive watershed & community-based planning, low-impact site design & complementary ordinances & codes. Specific elements include reducing habitat fragmentation, protecting or restoring forested stream buffers & prairies, & connecting conservation to the community. Contact: private land conservationist, (636) 583-2303 ext. 115; community conservationist (Tracy Boaz), 314-301-1506 ext. 2264

Missouri Department of Conservation – Forestry Division

Responsible for managing various Conservation Areas in the St. Louis area, including Young Conservation Area.

Jason Villwock 636 458 2236 x 228  

Missouri Department of Conservation – Wildlife Division

Responsible for managing various Conservation Areas in the St. Louis area, including La Barque Creek Conservation Area. Contact: wildlife management biologist (John Vogel), 636-300-1953, ext. 318

Missouri Department of Natural Resources- Outreach & Assistance Center (OAC)

OAC provides information to Missouri citizens about services of the Missouri DNR and has specific information to share about conservation design practices for development and low impact development strategies. Contact: Ruth A. Wallace, (800) 361-4827 or (573) 522-1131.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources - State Parks

Division of State Parks manages Missouri’s state parks and provides natural history education. Contact MDNR State Parks at moparks@dnr.mo.gov, 1-800-334-6946, or Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of State Parks, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102

County Agencies

Jefferson County Government - Department of Land Use Development and Code Enforcement

Organizing the divisions of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement in a common department under a single director was a major step to improve accountability and upgrade the delivery of services to the citizens. By adopting a structure that encourages coordination among these divisions, County Government is better prepared to implement programs and policies that foster orderly development. The Department mission is to provide the citizens of Jefferson County with the means for future growth, educational opportunities, economic vitality & sound environmental compatibility, while enhancing and preserving the "quality of life" our citizens expect. Residents are encouraged to participate in watershed planning activities. Contact: Planning & Zoning – Kristi Bales (636) 797-5580; Solid Waste – Kara Dunnam (636) 797-5043; Storm Water Management (636) 797-6225

Non-Profit Agencies

Genealogical and Historical Research

Researching local histories; cultural history; land title tracing in Jefferson County & the LaBarque Watershed. Contact: Carol Goggin 636-797-5622, historytalks@sbcglobal.net

Open Space Council (OSC)

OSC is dedicated to conserving public & private open space lands in the St. Louis Region. OSC organizes Operation Clean Stream on the Meramec River & its tributaries. Held the last Saturday and Sunday of August Clean Stream is the longest on-going river clean up in America. Contact: Ron Coleman, (636) 451-6090.


Ozark Regional Land Trust (ORLT)

ORLT is dedicated to preserving the unique natural character and resources of the Ozarks Bioregion. ORLT works with willing and interested landowners and communities to evaluate, and implement many available land protection  options/tools. ORLT has protected over 12,000 acres through conservation easements (purchased and donated),  fee-simple donation of land, community land trusts, & best management practices. Contact: Abigail Lambert,  P.O. Box 300, Gray Summit, Missouri 63039, aflambert@orlt.org, (314) 283-5759.

Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed Board of Directors

Judy Browne - La Barque Creek Watershed Coordinator 


If you would like to contact a member from the Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed for additional information please email us at info@friendsoflabarquecreek.org.

For contact information for media purposes please email us at media@friendsoflabarquecreek.org.

We would like to hear your feedback. Please share an experience you had while visiting the La Barque Creek Watershed or just leave us a comment.  

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