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About the Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed

The Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed Organization was formed in the fall of 2007, as a response to AmerenUE in their attempt to put a high transmission line through the watershed.

Before the Friends of La Barque there was earlier interest in protecting this beautiful and important area, in which we live.  In 2005 a group of residents and landowners formed a working relationship with several conservation organizations (partners), lead by the Missouri Department of Conservation to consider a plan for the future of the watershed. Once the watershed was designated as a Conservation Opportunity Area, doors opened to many resources for maintenance and education.

Over a period of time working with the Department of Conservation, Jefferson County and many other interested parties, a La Barque Creek Watershed Plan was developed

and signed by many La Barque Creek Watershed Partners.  In partnership with others, we are active in the following:

as conservation organizations, to preserve the natural resources of the watershed

and maintain quality water through water monitoring and resident education.

with an eye to maintaining the natural characteristics and a “sense of place” within

the watershed.

La Barque Creek Watershed Plan.

The College School students, Webster Groves, Mo. plant trees in the riparian corridor along La Barque Creek as part of a  La Barque  Native Plant grant  

A blue sky offsets the many airplane trails crossing over the watershed

Photo by Mark Karpinski