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La Barque Creek Watershed Conservation Plan

October 28, 2009

Several conservation organizations, landowners and government agencies spent two years creating the La Barque Creek Watershed Plan. The plan is to be used as a worksheet, a map, as it will, to protect the watershed. It will assist to maintain and enhance the ecological, educational, and recreational values of the La Barque Creek Watershed through the following goals:

1.  Conserve the unique natural resources of the watershed by maintaining aquatic and

     terrestrial health and diversity, water quality and quantity, and habitat connectivity.

2.  Where development occurs, promote design that conserves watershed natural


3.  Preserve a high level of quality public and semi-public infrastructure and services.

4.  Foster a partnership among citizens, local governments, state government,

     non- government organizations, regional initiatives, and agencies.

It is likely large tracts of land will continue to change ownership and become increasingly fragmented. Therefore, it is the purpose of this plan to emphasize the importance of wise land use and management in concert with the natural environment.  The tradition of conservation and preservation needs to continue in this “Island of Wilderness”.


The La Barque Watershed Plan contains a full range of general information, watershed and terrestrial issues and uniqueness.  The Action Plan section explores ideas, sets goals and suggested methods to achieve those goals.  

If you wish to learn more about La Barque Watershed and the watershed plan, click:

La Barque Creek Watershed COA

La Barque Creek Watershed Conservation Plan

Calendar of  Events

Photo by Mark Karpinski

Help Is On The Way!!
MDC has a champion for private La Barque Watershed Landowners.  Standing ready to assist La Barque watershed in conservation projects and education events, Jennifer Porcelli, Private Land Conservationist, secured much needed tools for the Habitat Helper. These tools will make the job of eliminating invasive species faster and easier.

Jennifer is also working with the Friends to organize a winter hike to explore the geology of targeted sites throughout the watershed.  This will give the community an opportunity  to learn more about the geological history of the watershed.
Friends Join a Partner to Promote Interest in Clean Water.  
Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed and the Habitat Helper supported a booth on  August 24th at the Open Space Council’s 46th year of Operation Clean Stream and  their Passport to Clean Water program.  

This was a wonderful opportunity to meet children and their parents, talk about watersheds and pass along the idea of joining a stream team to help keep Missouri water clean.