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Official Website for the Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed

Welcome to the Official Website

Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed

What’s New.......

A Dream fulfilled!  

We must have an angel watching over the watershed when people like Pat Jones, through her continued efforts to complete the dream of placing natural acreage under a conservation umbrella, make all this happen. Pat and other parties’ contributions to  Missouri Department of Conservation funds helped secure the last link in the plan of La Barque Watershed land acquisition set forth several years ago.  The Morrow/MclLvain 160 acre parcel of land ties property donated by Don Robinson to the Department of Natural Resources to property already owned by MDC.


Since the beginning of the La Barque Watershed Conservation effort, over 15 million dollars worth of cash and land value donations, partner purchases, partner money and MDC funds were used to conserve over 45% (3800+ acres) of the La Barque Creek Watershed. -Oct 2012

Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed Receives Special Award!

The Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed were awarded a Special Achievement Award by the Open Space Council at their annual meeting June 7th, 2012.  The award was particularly meaningful coming from our long time watershed partner, Ron Coleman, who is Executive Director of The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region. -Oct 2012

Friends of La Barque Watershed Community Summer Picnic

The  Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed took the opportunity to thank some of their special Partners at their August 11th watershed community picnic.  A plaque of appreciation for years of dedication to the La Barque Creek Watershed was presented to  Kevin Meneau, MDC St. Louis Region Fisheries Biologist, Mark Van Patten, MDC Streams Division and John Vogel, Wildlife Biologist.  La Barque Watershed is a great example of landowners, conservation organizations and private foundations working together to preserve natural land for now and the future. - Oct 2012

Partner’s Corner - Check out our new Partner’s Corner page to review recent articles and information  about the La Barque Creek Watershed contributed by the Friends of La Barque Creek Watershed Partners.  - Oct 2012

New Acreage Protected Within La Barque Creek Watershed

The Open Space Council, STL, and The Missouri Department of Conservation with a private donation from the Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family have completed the purchase of 438 acres of pristine wilderness on the Meramec River in La Barque Creek Watershed. The land will be named the Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area.  Managed by the Department of Conservation, the land will add significantly to property in the watershed already under protection by MDC.  The land, while not quite ready for guests, will be open to the public.  Keep looking for this exciting announcement!  

Updated Land Use Map - Jan 2012

Outstanding State Resource Water                              

Most residents in the watershed received a letter from the Department of Natural Resources dated June 6, 2011, regarding a requested designation for La Barque Creek Watershed to become an “Outstanding State Resource Water”.  The letter triggered many landowner questions regarding a comment “exceptionally stringent water-quality management” and they asked several questions for which DNR had no answers.  One such concern was the financial and time result of dealing with regulations of both the Jefferson County Building Unified Plan codes and the possible regulations of such a designation by the Department of Natural Resources.  Due to the need to further research such a designation, the process was tabled last fall.  The Department of Natural Resources has expressed their decision to pursue this matter in 2012.- Jan 2012

Upcoming Events

Photo by Mark Karpinski

La Barque stream becomes a river!
Hundreds of mushrooms appear for the
first time in 30 years!
Winter is just around the corner !